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Our January 2022 webinar highlights Zonos Classify features and the Harmonized System's (HS) new and upcoming changes. On January 1, 2022, the World Customs Organization (WCO) began implementing 351 amendments, changing many HS codes. Additionally, countries have and will continue to publish their corresponding tariff codes with little to no forewarning throughout the year. Therefore, it's critical to have a plan to keep your HS codes updated to stay compliant, to keep your packages flowing through customs smoothly to help you avoid fines and penalties.

Classify experts, Chanel Barnes and Kyle Eardley discuss what is changing, who will be affected, and how to stay compliant. Watch the webinar recording below to learn more!


Chanel began her career in the industry within global trade content at Zonos where she researched global trade to keep our data up-to-date and educate Zonos customers with documentation, blogs, and newsletters. In late 2020, Chanel transitioned to product management over Zonos Classify where she currently leads the team in building Zonos' newest product. As the Classify product manager, she drives the direction and vision of Classify through customer research and discovery, prioritizing features and functionality, and leading her team through delivery.

Chanel Barnes

Kyle has been working on Zonos' Classify team since its inception and serves as its technical leader. Kyle has been with Zonos for seven years. Kyle's experience encompasses a broad range of knowledge and tools to continue to guide, refine and redefine the inner workings of this project.

Kyle Eardley

2022 HS code industry updates and new Zonos Classify features; what you need to know

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Watch the webinar recording: